What do you get by making an ESNcard?

  • A proof of membership in an ESN section and indirectly of the ESNNetwork
  • Access to all local and international discounts
  • Access to all the events and discounts in all of the sections of the network (+500 sections in over 42 countries in Europe)
  • Access to national wide events

The ESNcard is also accepted as a valid student ID in IPCB, since ESN is an organization recognized by the European Union. The card is valid for one year, so you can freely use it after you go back home or while you are travelling across Europe.

You can get your ESNcard by filling the form bellow.

And when you go to the office take a ID/passport style photo and 20€, so that we can do your ESNcard on the spot!

After getting the ESNcard make sure to register it in ESNcard.org to get access to the international discounts and to officially join the Erasmus Generation